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Piece Of Cake Lafayette

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Serving Size

Cake Sizes & Serving Amounts

Here at Piece of Cake Lafayette, we LOVE cake! Therefore, each cake tier we bake consists of three layers of cake, each cut in half, and filled. By doing so, you will receive 6 layers of cake and 5 layers of filling! Each tier stands around 6" tall (unless otherwise specified). Carved cakes are not included in a chart and will be carved to the amount of servings required. Please refer to the chart below for a quick reference to gauge how large a cake you will need for your event! 

We also offer sheet cakes! When we refer to a single layer sheet cake, it is one cake, cut in half and filled. Therefore, when you order a single layer sheet you will receive two layers of cake and one layer of filling, around 2.5" tall. A double layer is 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling, 4-5" tall. 

Below is a simple reference guide to the most popular sizes of tiered cakes! 

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